Top Algebra Music Videos

Top Algebra Music Videos

Why create a website for the top Algebra music videos? This is a new area concerning learning mathematics, but has little attention except for on by searching for math music videos. Many of the videos are the results of other well-known research and other developments. The most famous among teachers include the Khan Academy sponsored by Bill Gates (15 Million Dollars) and the Ron Clark Academy (Oprah Winfrey). Each of these teachers has a unique approach to learning. See more on the Khan Academy.

Top Algebra Music Videos – Reviews

This teacher started to incorporate these algebra music videos to make math fun and engaging. It started out with just one or two videos. My students taking algebra last year had a math music video project for extra credit. It was the most amazing time in my 8 years of teaching at a southern California High School. Students would run to my class to be the first ones to get a laptop to start working on their project. The results were amazing and students were completely engaged. It was a entertaining end of the year project. My students have asked me why we did not do this the first part of the year. I thought about it and started to begin building this website because I wanted to make math fun and engaging.

This approach has brought about much criticism from those that do not like hip-hop, music, or an escape from the boring explain and practice approach of teaching mathematics. An approach that simply does not work, see algebra research about mathematics learning.

One example is the story about Lamar Queen, now the co-founder of See the article.

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Digital Learners

Why do educational leaders totally ignore the facts about our digital learners and try to continue not using the main communication and entertainment media of today’s students. I do not understand it.

Below are videos created by our American students for math projects concerning algebra and math. They are engaging and pure educational entertainment. You can vote for your best one by clicking this link.

Please Enjoy the top algebra music videos for this month. There will be more to come.

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Weapons of Math Instruction

So Many Lines – By the Rapping Mathematician

Line up the Dot’s

Fraction Jackson – Funny but not Educational

Poker Face – Math Version

Don’t Stop Believing – Math Version

Quadratics and I Know it

Learn the Quadratic

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