Online Algebra Help

Online Algebra Help

When I was preparing to become a math teacher, I did not know or understand the educational system and its money trap. The state of California would not accept a mathematics degree from the United States Naval Academy. If you earned a mathematics degree from a California University, you could receive a rubber stamp pass for a teaching degree. If you hold an out of state degree then this is another matter ($$$$$$). You can pay ($75) for reviews of your transcript, just to receive back a list of additional courses to take (another $4,000).

I decided to simply go and pass the math tests (CSET) test for algebra and geometry. This cost me $300 to take two tests within a five-hour period. This was a big mistake. I had a chance to speak with others taking the test for the seventh, eighth, and even a tenth time.

Online Algebra Help - Do a Google Search

My God, I thought how difficult could this test be? It is only algebra. I can do all of the problems in the textbook. I was shocked when I opened the test booklet. This was not a test on high school algebra and geometry. This was a graduate level course examination. My results were the same as many other adults, I failed both tests the first time.

I conducted a search on the internet for a study course specifically for the CSET and came across a company called They had a course for the CSET and I paid under $40 for the course and easily downloaded from their website. It was an eye-opening experience and the tips and techniques helped me easily pass the algebra CSET.

Online Algebra Help - CSET Math Test Preparation Course

I ordered the course for geometry and got the same results.

I have used their materials for three standardized tests and have passed all of the tests.

Therefore, the bottom line is that free information is free and that is good. However, if you are preparing for a major test like an exit examination or other high-stake tests you will need specialized help. It is worth the money. Therefore, I am including both free and fee-based resources. You will need both. The links to the left provide both free and also resouces that specialize in preparations for passing algebra related courses. The high school exit examination and the year-end state test will require a specialized test preparation material.

Khan Academy

This website has math videos, algebra practice worksheets, algebra practice tests, math problems, math word problems, and algebra homework help. Click Here for free access and create an account.

My recommendations: for important tests.

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