How To Pass Algebra

How To Pass Algebra - How not to Fail Algebra!

Ok, now we begin to explore the real reasons why students fail algebra or any other course of study for that matter. There are certain things that successful students do and unsuccessful student do not do. This is not rocket science. But, if you can learn and pass algebra then you will have a solid foundation for a future in you academic studies.The main purpose of this website is to show students how to pass algebra.

Algebra is integrated into all of your high school subjects, related directly to all of the employment opportunities, and has some serious real life connections. The video games, satellite TV, online banking, credit cards, home purchase, car purchases, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, involves algebra and mathematics. You might have a low value upon algebra or any mathematics course that you have taken in the past.

Algebra is not rocket science - We are not building a nuclear reactor!

You may not think that you need it, but the truth is that you MUST pass it! It is time to accept personal responsibility for learning math. Your house would look like a haunted house if it was not for algebra. The haunted houses at most exhibits would fall down to the ground if someone, the architect had not did some mathematical calculations that prevents it from falling.

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How to Pass Algebra - Avoid these Ten (10) Mistakes

What to do if you want to fail algebra- AVOID THESE MISTAKES

1. Don’t take notes

2. Don’t identify or speak to anyone about what you do not understand

3. Don’t do your homework (on your own – do not copy)

4. Don’t study for a test

5. Don’t review, study, and understand academic vocabulary

6. Don’t review, study, and understand algebra properties (You have to know the rules –the laws)

7. Don’t ask for help when you don’t understand a concept (parents, peers, teachers –they want to help you –take advantage of this on a daily basis)

8. Do not plan for timely submission of major projects (turn them in early to get extra credit!)



– This should be number one -saved the best for last!

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