Common Core Standards

Common Core State Standards

Not every state has adpopted the new common core standards due to roll-out in 2015. Texas, Alaska, Virginia, Nebraska , and Minnesota. Minnesota adopts the language Arts part but rejects the math standards. texas has spent a lot of money on their new system which is already digitally supported with its infrastructure. The rest of the states struggling with budget concerns and a fall in annual revenues are moving forward to make changes for the new digital age and learning.

Common Core Assessments

The new CCSS assessments are technology intensive. Schools are hoping to save money throught the use of the new android tablets to load access to all of the student's textbooks via already current textbook support websites. Textbooks average
nearly $100 a piece and when a student does not return the textbook, schools lose tens of thousands of dollars every year. This burden is now part of the local schools. An android tablet on the other hand runs approximately $150 with a school contract. If the school provides internet access then all of the students textbooks will be accessible via the web. Even if the student does not return the tablet the school spends less money.

Why the Common Core Standards?

the major differences are that the present curriculum does not even come close to preparing our American students for the workforce. Sheakesphere is one of the great works but there are none of the great literally works of art that are a prerequisite for the work force other than the arts and drama.

Common Core Math Standards - A Real Challenge

The NCLB Act of 2001 changes education and brings about accountability for educators but still lacks the accountability for the students themselves. There are no negative consequences for an "A" student to do well on these standardized tests. There is none! There are no super bowl rings, high paycheck offers, job offers for superior performance, no reductions in tuition for the future, and no reduction in their already earned grades. There are no consequences for parents who decide not to have their students take the test annually. This is a drastic imbalance in the responsibility for the results.

NCLB Act Impact on Teachers and Administrators

If students do not perform well on local benchmarks or the state tests then there are serious consequences for the educators. Administrators will lose their jobs because of program improvement regulations. But administrators have a choice to opt out of program improvement by refusing federal funds. The draw-back to this is the fact that teachers who have chosen to teach in a federally funded schools lose their waiver for their students loans for teaching in these schools.

Teachers receive evaluation based on student performance. But this evaluation is not handicapped by previous administrative decisions. For instance if a school district decides to choose lower level classes to raise their annual scores it does not reflect in a handicap for the future courses of instruction in the secondary level. As a teacher of mathematics at the secondary level many students arrive unprepared for algebra, an 8th grade class. The reason is because they do not receive pre-algebra at all before arriving in high school. Middle school mathematics teachers complain about students arriving not knowing their multiplication tables and other basic skills. So, now the common core introduces concepts far beyond those of a 3rd grade teacher.

Common Core Standards - Benefits

The common core standards do fix the current problems by design. it will prepare our students better for the future. it does require an influx of technology that our present student population (digital natives) want and desire. Professional development for the elementary teachers is the most important aspect and crucial component for major changes in education.

More about Common Core Standards - Algebra Digital Learning and the CCSS.

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