Algebra Tutorial Quadratics

Algebra Tutorial Quadratics

Everything in the algebra 1, at the secondary level leads up to two major concepts or skills. The first concept concerns quadratic equations. The second most important concept concerns the solving of rational expressions.

Algebra Tutorial Quadratics - Interactive Tools

There are many interactive tools to help understand quadratic equations. I have searched for several sources and continue to search the internet for fun resources and tools to help clarify the understanding of quadratic equations because this is a major obstacle for many students in passing algebra.

Two major resources are very helpful for the understanding of the quadratic equation. The first resource is from This website provides an interactive resource that helps understand the standard form of a quadratic equation and the corresponding impact upon changing the coefficients of a, b and c in the standard form of the quadratic equation. Please see the reference (Pierce (2011) listed below to the quadratic equation solver.

The second major resource is the Khan Academy. The Khan Academy videos provided below to help students have a complete understanding of the important concepts about concerning quadratic equations. The below videos provide an overview of the basic concepts of the vertex, axis of symmetry, maximum, and minimum points. The key components for understanding are as follows:


A quadratic is a parabola.


It opens either upwards or down.


It intercepts are the roots, solutions, and values of x.


It has a vertex, which is either a minimum or a maximum value.


Every parabola or quadratic equation has an axis of symmetry.

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Pierce, Rod. (1 Dec 2011). "Quadratic Equation Solver". Math Is Fun. Retrieved 21 Jul 2012 from

Quadratics Part 1 - Introduction to quadratic Equations

Quadratics Part 2

Quadratic Formula 1

Quadratic formula 2

Quadratic Formula 3

Quadratic Proof

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