Algebra Software

The following information reviews algebra software.


If you do not have an internet connection but you do have an android or other mobile device, then the Benchmark prep is the solution for mobile ability to get help for learning any math course. Click on the above image to find out more information. Click on the links to the left or below.

Succeed in Math

Succeed in: Math!® software was developed to help students improve math skills and prepare for high stakes exams, like high school proficiency or exit exams. Many students need a gentle reminder of math concepts they’ve learned earlier in their school careers. Some never fully learned concepts presented in lower grades and have been unable to succeed since. Some students feel peer pressure in classroom situations and are too embarrassed to admit they don’t understand and need additional help.

Succeed in: Math!® software is self-paced, so students learn at their own speed with no pressure or time constraints. They can take as much time as needed to grasp math concepts. They can view content multiple times to gain subject mastery.

Math Games for Fun and Kids

Games for Fun and Kids

Fun learning is smart learning and children must enjoy and have fun while learning and this has been our main focus in all our programs. We have witness children whom we have nurtured grown into individuals who are able to discover their own gifts and talents and knowing how to think and learn creatively and how to have fun while learning.

Mind Power Series” is well grounded in research and practical experience of working with individual children ranging from 4 to 7 years old and we would like to share with you the strategies which we have been using to help them develop their individual gifts and talents, thinking skills that help process information for creative thinking, reasoning, and drawing skills.

This website will continue to provide reviews of math software that can enhance the learning of our students.

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