Algebra Research Khan Academy

Algebra Research Khan Academy – A Research Review

Sal Khan – About the Founder -

Sal starts up a simple website to help his niece across the country to get through school. Over several years, he creates videos using a writing tablet and cam studio software to develop short topic videos. He develops nearly 3,500 videos. A free website that his niece shares with other students develops nearly 1 million visitors over a six-year period. The recent visit by Bill Gates daughter brought the 15 million dollar donation. Bill Gates stated that Sal is the best teacher he has ever known in his lifetime. Sal does know his stuff.

Khan Academy Review – Importance concerning Algebra Research Khan Academy

I have viewed the website and the videos concerning mathematics. The concepts are easy to understand but lack a personal touch of a human. According to Sal, this was intentional. He did not want the face of a person to distract from just the information. I can watch and understand the videos because I am a teacher and can independently learn. However, some students cannot do the same because of their respective learning styles. For more information about learning styles, see my algebra learning styles page. The site lacks student engagement and becomes boring after a while with the same voice repeatedly.

What is good about Khan Academy?

For those independent students it has a watch and practice feature for many areas of education who like digital learning. The practice feature involves a web design (not internet) that truly maps each underlying and connections to other skills in mathematics. It is like a pre-requisite skill map with an interactive like game for practice of mathematics skills. The watch feature allows student to quickly gain access a video tutor of a concept on the fly.

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