Algebra Real Life Connections

Algebra Real Life Connections – Creating Value

Our students are digital natives and are not engaged by the simple explain and practice approach of traditional learning of mathematics. If the student lacks motivation to learn then the learning will not happen. If students are self-motivated to learn then the teaching experience will be rewarding for teachers and the students. When students are engaged in the process and the responsibility for learning shifts to a student’s responsibility instead of a teacher responsibility then student academic success will sharply increase and exceed expectations.

Algebra Real Life Connections – Math Projects

Our diverse society and the demographics of our schools demand a cultural connection to learning today and in the future. A connection to the past cannot be over-looked. ( See Dewey Reflection).

Students need to be presented with real life connections that help them to conclude that this subject is important. It helps to have engaging projects that create collaborative learning and can somehow involve the student’s family in a project involving mathematics.

Ok So How – Algebra Math Videos about Real Life Connections

We live in a digital world with Google and YouTube. It only takes a few moments to conduct a search and find some useful information via a video format. It needs to be via music or video to reach and engage the digital natives of today. Below you will find some useful videos about “Why they need Algebra?”


Dewey (1938) provides historic background for the need for the inclusion of parents and culture into the classroom. His experience factor considerations will help bring real life connection to instructional methods. Marzano (2009) will help define the daily instructional strategies that will increase learning. His philosophy concerning instructional strategies is based on research that supports students learning any subject including mathematics.


Dewey (1938). Education and Experience

Marzano, R. J. (2009). Setting the Record STRAIGHT on "High-Yield" Strategies. Phi Delta Kappan, 91(1), 30. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

I hope this is useful and it will be updated frequently.

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