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Algebra Music Video Rankings

We are always ranking something. Every sport activity has a league ranking and some have a national ranking. Therefore, it is common for us to rank TV shows, movies, music, and now music videos. The rankings by American Bandstand with Dick Clark began an era of rankings for music (mostly rock and roll). The internet expands the rankings to all genres of music. In the late 70's Rap music was thought of as only being a fad. However, it has been around for over 20 years. Times have changed and why should how we learn be different.

This website is about reviewing, exposing, and then sharing the information to anyone who needs it. The concentration is about how to pass algebra. Research shows that there is a direct correlation between the number of hours watching TV and the grade point average.
Just as if “Bandstand” was were America’s teens went to before MTV, AB was where America's teens went to learn - not just the new songs but also the new styles and the new dances. So closely did two different generations identify with the dancers on this king of dance shows that these kids became stars in their own right, sometimes without having ever said a word on camera?

I love algebra and math. However, my students have continued to struggle with certain concepts year after year. My teachers taught me algebra some 35 years ago with the traditional approach of learning. The explain-practice was the normal way of teaching concepts. But we did not have cell phones, satellite TV, microwave ovens, keyless entry cars with remote cameras, electric cars like the Chevy Volt, Netflix’s, laptops, personal computers, USB , and calculators. Almost forgot my favorite, my XBOX and NCAA Football.

Music is at the heart of our student’s world. Every student listens to music and now with MTV music and videos is a winning combination. So, then why should learning algebra or any subject be different. This webpage and more to come will specifically address that solution of music and math through algebra music videos. This website allows me to combine my love of music, video creation, and mathematics that is engaging and entertaining. Tell me what you think. Nevertheless, for a moment, view the videos and then vote for your favorite video. This page will have an update each month. Happy viewing.

Jordan is the Math OG, otherwise known as “Pappy Jordan”.

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