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Algebra Notes Online is about revolutionary pioneers in the vision of changing how mathematics is being taught and learned in the classroom. It is time to embrace our digital natives and to develop new methods to teach according to how they learn and not how we were taught in a non-digital age. “Let’s talk about slope-intercept, I don’t mind if you interject, but please don’t disrespect. Do you class work and get A’s on the quiz and get A’s on a test. Notes, notes, notes, notes…” these are the rap lyrics by Lamar Queen.

Is there anything wrong with these lyrics?

Algebra music notes online media inspired Lamar Queen who was an innovative teacher who tried to break the status quo of the traditional explain and practice approach of teaching mathematics to today’s digital natives. He chose an approach that combines math and music, but specifically rap music. This was an apparent death sentence to his teaching career and this is unfortunate. He was the subject of layoffs from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) shortly after being recognized as a new and innovative teacher.

The budget crisis resulted in huge cuts to education in 2009. As a result of this new innovative teachers like Lamar Queen lost their jobs. This is unfortunate, because it is the new teachers that have a connection with today’s youth. The older, tenured, seasoned teachers may have more classroom experience, but lack the ability to connect in real life terms with today’s youth. Most of the present teachers in mathematics are digital immigrants and are uncomfortable with today’s technology of text messaging, cell phones, mp3 players, and iPods.

Lamar Queen uses a unique and engaging strategy to help students learn mathematics. It is different from the traditional approach and comes with admiration from students and some criticism from old school administrators that unfortunately placed his job in jeopardy. The layoffs are because of budget cuts and the priority of the layoffs eliminates the newbie’s. This is unfortunate for the school district and the school in which Lamar “Que” worked as a teacher. Lamar made math learning fun and now that is no longer possible.

USA Today- “Queen is doing what many veteran educators have done — using students' music to connect with them. Where teachers once played the rock n' roll tunes of "Schoolhouse Rocks" to explain everything from government to grammar, they now turn to rap to renew Shakespeare or geometry.”

USA Today- “"Rap is what the kids respond to," Queen says. "They don't have a problem memorizing the songs at all."

USA Today – “Queen's math raps came about by chance. Two months after starting at LA Academy in 2007 — his first teaching job after graduating from college — he was stung when kids told him his class was boring. They told him he resembled singer Kanye West and challenged him to rap.” We need more of Algebra related music notes online.

Algebra Music Notes Online - Math Rap Videos, Math Rap Music

Vale, Davies, Weaven, Hooley, Davidson, and Loton (2010) states instructional and transformational leadership is required to improve mathematics in low social-economic status. Their discoveries support the approach of teaching mathematic by Lamar Queen. Algebra and music notes online are helpful tools that support the learning of algebra. Today we need algebra music notes online.

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Vale, C., Davies, A., Weaven, M., Hooley, N., Davidson, K., & Loton, D. (2010). Leadership to Improve Mathematics Outcomes in Low SES Schools and School Networks. Mathematics Teacher Education & Development, 12(2), 47-71.

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