Algebra Music Inspirational Motivation

Algebra Music Inspirational Motivation

Motivation is a key component for anything that one does in their lifetime. Our motivations transfer into action. This can be the motivation to have a relationship, get a job, make a change in one’s life, or anything. If an individual reflects back upon anything they have achieved they will find some common characteristics. Whether one believes in a higher power or not, it has been proven that dreams and visions are very much a part of what we become. If one dreams of something and envisions that event or action happening enough, then it will happen. One way or another it will happen, it is per-ordained and determined to become a reality.

Inspirational Motivation while Learning Algebra

If one likes something, an activity, like drawing or music, then one becomes engaged in this activity because it provides pleasure and peace to our respective souls. Therefore, learning as an activity, can lead to success if the reaction to the learning environment is pleasant and enjoyable. If there is a connection to pain then the opposite affect will occur.

Algebra Music Inspirational Motivation while Teaching

As a teacher I have often heard students say “I hate math!” my students often times ask me why? I look with amazement when I have taught a lesson and still the students “did not get it.”

It was very frustrating, but I did not give up. A solution to a problem is always possible if one is persistent enough to find it. There are several research studies about motivation and learning. Ali et al. (2011) checks the impact of motivation on students academic achievement during problem based learning. Their results indicate that motivation in problem-based learning is more effective than the traditional method of teaching mathematics.

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