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Bittman et al. (2011) writes about the influences of technology upon the digital natives. Digital natives are a term that refers to today’s youth, since they were born into a digital world. They (digital natives) have been use to the presence of technology and digital communications. They are the first generation that has never seen the old school advents that are now obsolete.

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My first car had an 8-track tape player installed. It was the top of the technology at that time but it was not digital. Mainframe computers were in existence at the time. There were no cell phones, no internet, no satellite TV, no laptops, no USB, no GPS, no WIFI, no home routers, no desktop computers, no remote control cars, no Nintendo, no Xbox, no PS3, no flat screen TV’s, no wireless printers, no DVR’s, no Netflix, no SKYPE,no microwave ovens, no wireless telephones, etc.

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The present grandparents have adapted to these changes but many of them have not. We live in a digital world. All of the previously mentioned common digital items are not foreign to the youth of today, because they are digital natives (born in a digital age). They are use to these features and view them as a necessity item part of everyday existence.

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So, then why is this technology excluded from their education and learning?

In these dire economic times many students that study algebra have in their position a digital device that can improve or enhance their learning. It is unfortunate that the old scholars, digital immigrants, are afraid of this technology for inclusion into the curriculum and instruction of algebra. Algebra math videos can help student engagement and create an environment for critical thinking activities to combine music and math.

This webpage provides positive examples of engaging activities that will promote and support students learning algebra. This resource can be easily accessed through iTunes, YouTube, Face book, and other social media. Take a look at the videos on this page and I am sure that you will agree!

Westerville High School Ohio- Algebra Math Videos

“A small handful of videos uploaded to YouTube by teachers at Westerville South High School have gone viral thanks to their hysterical (and surprisingly effective) use of hip hop and rap to teach some of the more difficult concepts of math. Factoring and trigonometry are among the topics covered in the videos, which parody popular songs, and students are seen taking part--dancing and rapping in the classrooms and hallways of the northeast suburb school.” (Columbus Monthly , 2012).

Algebra math videos can become a welcome supplement to instruction, especically with freshmen students at the secondary level of public schools.

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Bittman, M., Rutherford, L., Brown, J., & Unsworth, L. (2011). Digital natives? New and old media and children's outcomes. Australian Journal Of Education, 55(2), 161-175.

Columbus Monthly (2012). Westerville South High School math videos go viral Retrieved from

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