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Algebra Made Easy - It Should be Fun (2012) reviews relevant research concerning the influence and use of alternative educational methods. Algebra made easy is achievable through their engaging and innovative music and math worksheets. The research goes on to state that parents are aware of the frustrations about their learning and the lack of an ability to connect to their respective classroom community. Teachers want to connect to students. This is an important factor (developmental asset). Everyone has been a student before and have similar if not the same passionate connections with our children.

How to Pass Secrets The Golden Rules for Passing Algebra

In these dire economic times, we often reflect upon our own educational experience. Dewey (1938) explains about the connection to experience and learning. It needs not to be a painful experience. We, as humans, reject and avoid a painful or embarrassing situation. It is not pleasant and so we take every possible step to avoid a repeat of this event. The core subjects of math, science, and language arts are important foundational subjects that allow academic success. Each of these core subjects are connected and integrated in the curriculum. However, most of these courses involve only one primary means of delivery to students.

Algebra Made Easy is A Combination of Music, Lyrics, and Worksheets

“There is no substitute for learning basic information during those early years. And there is no “catch up” for years lost in the learning process” (, 2012). Their mission is to provide solutions for the most important time of their lives. Their efforts, research, and products designed to focus upon middle and high school students through an adaption of music and learning tools for math, science and language arts.

“Regardless of the musical form and despite a teacher’s level of musical training, the value of …enhancing literary instruction through music is vital in today’s classroom. This is particularly true for ELL…” (Paquette, Reig, 2008, p. 227).

How to Pass Secrets The Golden Rules for Passing Algebra

Paquette and Reig (2008) establish priorities for leaders. The bottom line is that no school or educational system should accept or place a limitation on a limited curriculum for students. The primary priority of education leadership is the identification of connection, motivating, and engaging activities that will promote learning of every core subject. There should be no bias against any application that works, including music. An education should not be limited or restrict the use of liberal arts. Our American society pays big money for actors and entertainers. For today’s digital natives viewing a movie or listening to music is an engaging activity. So, why should we exclude this activity from learning? This does not make any sense.The following videos are fun and engaging projects from students. Westerville Senior High School is making mathematics fun and engaging. These videos covers the rule of exponents, factoring, and solving a system of equations. There are also videos from, featuring Mr. "QUE" a former LAUSD teacher who got laid off, and other videos about digital learner feedback from the Khan Academy. Algebra made easy is about innovation and a change from the present traditional explain-practice approaches to the learning of mathematics. Why can't algebra be made easy to learn?

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Gardner, Howard, (1983). Frames of mind: The theory of multiple intelligences. New York: Basic Books. A seminal work on the multiple ways we learn and process information.

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