Algebra Help Online

Algebra Help Online

Algebra 1 is the first key foundational course in mathematics. Typically, students take and pass this course in the 9th grade of high school even though they should take and pass this course in the 8th grade. It is a very important course of study. Where is the online help? In today’s 21st century digital economy, libraries play a critical role in providing access to high-speed internet and training to help more Americans compete in today’s workforce. Americans use libraries to connect to the Internet to find jobs, improve education, access government services and create business opportunities. (, 2012)

Example 1 –

This is an excellent resource for solving math problems using various techniques. This software provides expanded problem solving tools with instant solutions to user entered math problems for algebra and other subjects. It provides help for all math courses but especially algebra help online. This application is also available through an android application for use on mobile phones. Imagine being able to get algebra help via a cell phone application.

Example 2-

This website owner struggled with mathematics. Jason Gibson worked for NASA and the shuttle crews from 2001-2009. Jason provides a viewpoint from someone who has struggled with math and now is reaching out to students that have simliar experiences.

Example 3 –

This web source helps not only Algebra 1, but also every course of major importance at the secondary level. It covers every important core mathematics course, such as, algebra 1, algebra 2, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus. This free website aligns with any textbook. Students can click a topic and view a tutorial by a teacher on any key standard.

Example 4 –

The Khan Academy provides a connection to many high school and college courses. It contains videos for tutoring and a practice module that will diagnose and examine deficiencies that may be of interest to parents or teachers. Digital learning is here to stay. It is invaluable resources that can help students learn and pass Algebra 1.

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