Algebra Contact Us

Algebra Contact Us

This website provides information and resources for how to pass Algebra and contacting us. Please use the following email links to ask your questions. Someone will respond within less than 24 hours.


Customer Support and other inquiries

Telephone: 951-665-3042

Cell: 951-306-5165 (text only please)

Or You may complete the following information request form if you like?

Reasons to Contact Us

Algebra Contact Us

Use our blog link about for sharing concepts and comments about specific topics.

If you want to provide feedback of the various topics please use the My-Algebra-Blog link to add comments and feedback concerning the various topics of focus for this website.

Technical Issues or problems

Please use this algebra contact us form to provide us feedback with problems concerning the website.

The best "Contact Us" pages are those that provide some direct methods of communication (an email, phone number and a physical address). There's nothing more frustrating than finding that your *only* means of contact is by filling in a form, with no idea on how to follow up on your query by any other method. There is no physical address since I am presently doing this part-time and unavailable during the day since I am a teacher at a local high school. I do respond to my email which is connected to my Android. I am a digital imported native.

Keeping things simple is the principle I agree with in most cases. I believe in the digital age of communication. If you want to contact me by cell phone, then the most convenient way is by sending an email or texting my cell phone at 951-306-5165. The normal response time will be within 24 hours or sooner.

Helding (2011) provides evidence of the increase in the use of technology during the past two decades. These technological changes have a dramatic influence in how a business conducts its marketing efforts of gaining customers. Face Book and the social influence impacts the daily lives of most Americans that have access to the internet. The social networks connect family and businesses across the globe. There is a difference between digital natives and digital immigrants according to Helding (2011).

Cell phones and text messaging eliminates voice mail communications. The technological advances changes the culture of America and impacts directly upon how we communicate and relates to education.Thank you for using our Algebra Contact Us page.


Helding, L. (2011). Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age. Journal Of Singing, 68(2), 199-206.

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