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Algebra About Us - Founders Background

My name is Jordan B. Smith Jr. and I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I earned my bachelors of science in mathematics from the United States Naval Academy in 1976. I earned my teacher’s degree through completion of a Masters in Education –Secondary at the University of Phoenix in 2006. I am currently a doctoral learner at the University of Phoenix under a doctoral education program for curriculum and instruction.Algebra and how to pass this specific mathematics course is a lifetime passion and vision for changing the instructional methods that can lead to success. I invite you to join me on this journey of changing how students learn and experience success.

Algebra About Us - My Passion and Vision

Passion – I love to help students have success, and pass in mathematics and show them exactly how to pass the course.

Vision – I want to change how students learn mathematics at the secondary level, and how to pass all math classes.

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Algebra About Us -Founders Background

I served 20 years (active and reserve) in the U.S. Marines and I am a veteran of the first Gulf War. I earned my BS in Mathematics in 1976 and decided at the age of 50 to start teaching at the secondary level. I have been doing so for eight years. I am the oldest in my family. I live with my wife in a 55+ community in San Jacinto, California where I teach. I live about 1.2 miles from the San Jacinto Senior High School.

Teaching has been a challenge as well as the recent cutbacks in pay for teachers in my school district. I started this online website to give something back to the community and the country that I love. It is great to have the opportunity to live in America.

I live with my lovely wife Joyce. I love to fish and relax by spending time with my wife, family and of course playing NCAA football to keep up with the kids and grandchildren. My personal dream is to change how mathematics is being taught in today’s classrooms at the secondary level by embracing new and innovative ways that will engage students and make learning math as fun and as interesting as other core subjects. Algebra is a fundamental course for learning mathematics.

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