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STEM-Careers-Jobs are in high demand in the near future. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers are in the fastest growing area for new jobs and will have the greatest job creation through 2018. In this economy, it would be wise to choose a career path that will lead to a job. There are many college graduates that are graduating and working in fast food companies. The reason is that they chose to pick an education path that excluded the necessary skills to get a job that is in demand.

You may not like mathematics but if you want a job that pays well then maybe the information on this web page and the rest of the website can help change your mind. If you are a teacher this information should be shared with your students. If you are a parent then maybe you can help your child to discover the career opportunities for a new job. There are many sources of information on the internet. The following information provides useful links to help students, teachers, and parents. The following STEM-Careers-Jobs links can help.

The website was started by Wisconsin Careers the creator of CareerLocker, located in the Center of Education (CEW) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This website is designed to help youths and adults become discover themselves and explore their unique interests. The most important part is to expose the connection of algebra, mathematics to their future career desires and life path.

Top STEM-Career-Jobs

A website that shows the percentage of job growth predictions from 2008-2018. Top STEM Careers can be found at

Top STEM-Career-Jobs by Discipline

Find occupations that require education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Click on this link (2012). Useful links. A new website with valuable links. Here are few of those links.

Explore careers, salary, and benefit information and more.

Match your occupational skills and experiences with the skills needed in other occupations.

Take an online interest assessment and one-page profile of each occupation highlighting important knowledge, skills, abilities, technologies used, simplified salary and outlook information, and links to find specific training and employment opportunities.

America’s Service Locator

Find a local office providing training and employment services near you.

Check out tools for young adults to plan their next steps including information about colleges, careers and military service.

Find new educational opportunities to help advance your career.

National Training and Education Resource Center

Find easy access to online courses to help boost your skill set.

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