Algebra How To Pass

Algebra How To Pass

The study of mathematics should be made easy. Today's students enjoy video games and puzzles. The traditional approach in the classroom does not involve these fun and engaging activities. Most algebra classes are boring and frustrating to the majority of students. The daily routine provides direct instruction by a lecture (boring) and then an assignment of homework problems to do, even though they do not understand how to do them. Few students have any help at home, because our history of failure in mathematics. Their parents were not successful in learning mathematics and cannot help them now. They use calculators because they cannot multiply. They are totally frustrated with word problems.

Our Goal: Help Students Pass Algebra

The purpose of this educational website is to show students, parents, and teachers how to help more student pass algebra and decrease the number of students failing in the secondary level (middle school and high school). The information contained at this website comes from personal experience as a father of two teenagers who struggled with mathematics courses, as a parent, a mathematics tutor, and finally from experience as a teacher at a public school while teaching for eight years.

We must create value for learning and make it fun. The traditional approach of explain and practice (direct instruction) is boring to today’s student’s and does not work.A 40-50% failure rate in the 9th grade public school is unacceptable. Math is not fun to today’s students. There needs to be a change in the curriculum, instructional methods that support the learning of mathematics.

A Change in Philosophy

The founder believes that the traditional approach of a lecture and then practice does not work. The teacher nor the students understand the level of mastery of previously learned material. It needs to be accessed early and frequently throughout the year.

The traditional homework of practicing problems with no one there to offer help and assistance provides no real impact on learning. This process should be flipped. Students should work on the practice problems in the classroom with a teacher (an expert).

The homework will consist of the review of a lecture via a video. This way the student can stop, pause and takes notes easily in solitude. This approach reverses the roles of the teacher in many ways. but, most importantly it changes the responsibility for learning mastery to the student. We can help students learn how to pass a math course. Math help is provided throughout the website.

Lack of Retention of Skills

Our public educational system effects our economy in indirect long term ways. The failure rate in mathematics is directly attached to the overall dropout rate from high school. Students without a high school degree earn less money throughout their lifetime. This corresponds to less taxable income and more expenditures through welfare, medicare and prisons.

Our Approach to Passing

It is different from other boring and repeating information that students have already seen within their classrooms. This site provides a strategy and resources for preventing failure. It gives specific instructions and simple techniques for students about how to pass Algebra in the 8th and 9th grade.

Mathematics Research

Research can provide anyone a deeper understanding of what it means to do Algebra and mathematics in general as a living and growing field of study. The development of writing a mathematical program and problem-solving can be a central theme for developing a students learning. Students need to know how a few simple changes can transform an “F” student to a “B” or higher student with ease. The father of education, John Dewey, states that we do not learn the basic by practicing the basics. We learn by engaging in rich activities which require them.

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